Auto Insurance... for individuals and businesses

The best way to find the right insurance company is to consider your friend's recommendation as it relates to you, and, if you feel it's relevant, use it as one of your choices when comparison shopping.

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Mind Your Business. We'll Take Care of the Insurance.

Credibility is a precious quality in any professional relationship. You go to great lengths to earn and maintain your reputation for exacting, complete, and appropriate advice. Running your own business means you try to be all things to all people. Although that may be great for your bottom line, there is enormous personal and professional risk in the attempt to deliver on so broad a promise.

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Heath & Disability Insurance

For individuals, families and businesses... 

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Homeowner's Insurance

For most of us, our home is the single biggest asset we will invest in. Homeowners insurance provides the coverage to keep your investment safe. Including coverage for your personal belongings, damages to the structure, and liability coverage.

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Mind Your Business. We'll Take Care of the Insurance.

We take time to analyze your business and your needs to customize your insurance plan – drawing from a full range of options to protect your business property, auto/fleet, people, and income, and to protect you from liability. 

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Life insurance is integral to financial planning

The best reason for an individual to buy life insurance is for protection against dying too soon. The person buying life insurance should be primarily concerned with seeing that his or her survivors do not face a financial handicap.

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Retirement and Benefit Plans

You take care of your employees through salary, medical care options and paid vacation time. Why not offer an additional benefit that will help them out now and in their retirement years?

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